Help with carb

Feb 6, 2008
Great Falls MT
I have a 79 Yahama Enticer 250 with a CDX38 keihin carb, it is a butterfly valve type carb with an intagrated fuel pump. I can't find jets for it, and it runs but not very well at the higher altitude. It came from Michigan and now we ride in the Little Belt Mountains in Montana. What I need to know is what kind of carb to replace it with, we don't need it to be a speed racer just something for the first time rider and grandkids. Space is limited, engine interface bore is 38mm or 1 1/2 inches, intake bore is 50mm or 1 15/16 inches, the length is 89mm or 3 1/2 inches, intake manifold bolt center to center is 2 1/4 inches. I have to use the original intake manifold, because it has a funny tilt and angle. Is there another carb out there that I can use or maybe something like the dial-a-jet to lean this thing out? If I get a different carb I will probably need a fuel pump as well. Does anyone have a carb and pump that will work and/or can you tell me what I need to look for as far as compatability? Thanks
Sep 3, 2009
well my friend you can find those jets on ebay or even craigslist you can buy a hole parts sled or you can do what my buddy did with his and just buy a cheap ss440 engine and drop it in direct bolt in. but be more specific on what you did, does it have new gas, new plugs, both cylenders firing, and is the timing set on the stator wheel these can all play a factor in the engine runing right exspecially if the engine has been rebuilt by someone other than you! if you are mechanicly inclined take the carb off take it to a local steel shop and this is a maybe!? they can make you your own jets for cheap i had to do this to my scorpion whip tkx kuz there were no jets avalible ne more try that and hope it helps man good luck
Jan 19, 2008
Wrangell, AK
I miss the old 250/300 Enticers.....

About 20 years ago, I had a 250 enticer that had a carb conversion done to it. It had I Mikuni VM32 round-slide carb on it, that was part of a kit that came with the carb, carb mounting boot, throttle cable, and throttle block. I remember it running great, MUCH better than the stock carb. Don't remember who put the kit together way back then, but you could do the same thing yourself with some creative parts shopping.

I have a couple of those old style Enticer carbs still lying in a box. They were on sea-level sleds, and I do not know what the jetting is, but if you are interested, I would turn you on to them for next to nothing.
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