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Help/advice needed 2020 850 RMK 155 suspension setup


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Jan 6, 2009
Just a quick background: I am 42yrs old 5'10 165lbs. I've rode mountain sleds for years but novice I'd say in ability. The previous sled I owned was an 08 M8 153 [loved that sled] took a few years off from riding since.

I bought a 2020 850 RMK 2.6 155 this last Christmas eve and put 4" bars on it as well as Carl's Cycles Clutch kit for my elevation 6-9000ft, SLP comp can. The sled runs perfect no complaints there. Suspension is stock RMK walker even monotubes, I have played with the preload a fair amount in all the shocks. I have over 550mi riding the sled. I have pounded youtube and forums on help setting up my new sled.

What I am seeking is advice on how to set this RMK up for the back country- am I missing something? I swear I could throw my 2008 M8 153 around much easier than this 2020 850 RMK 2.6 155. Am I not riding it correctly? I noticed if I do not use wrong foot forward in almost all situations I can't get the sled on edge, I realize it's a great technique but it seems way excessive just to initiate a side hill constantly. The sled to me feels really tall and I lose the front end constantly down hill if I don't ride the hell out of it. I hate to say it but I want to make the sled feel lower to the ground somehow almost chasing how the M8 felt. With that being said the performance of the new sled is light years from the trusty old M8. Just looking to see if there is anything I can do to make the sled a bit more predictable and hopefully easier to ride. I am not going to give up not close to that- just looking for some insight. Thanks in advance.


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Feb 21, 2008
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The good ol’ 08 M8, my first real sled.

I’ve had a 2013, 2017 and now a 2020 RMK with just the basic WE shocks. I’ve never touched the shocks and have had no issues with holding an edge and no problems downhill.

A buddy who is 62 ish and gets a new Polaris almost every year; has had no issues with suspension. Wait, I think this year he said one shock was adjusted differently than the other.

Did you buy the sled used? Regardless I would put everything at stock settings.


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Aug 18, 2009
boise idaho
What kind of snow you riding in? Reguardless, counter steer, blip throttle and some pressure in the footwell should get you on edge easily, you shouldnt have to ride with both feet on one side unless its real steep or on set up snow.

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