Heat exchanger setup for turbo


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Jan 28, 2019
I have a 2010 yz450f turbo, and since I had to ditch the left radiators to make space for the intake charge pipe, how does this sound for a cooling system setup:

Bypass circuit:engine‐> right radiator (with radiator blockers for on the go adjustment as needed/ finding the sweet spot)‐> pump‐> engine.

Open circuit: engine‐> right radiator‐> tunnel heat exchanger-> pump‐> engine.

Using a snowmobile heat exchanger, it should be plenty big enough for cooling needs. Will that setup give me enough coolant volume? Or should I add in a bottle?


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Dec 5, 2016
Woodinville WA
You'll have more than enough volume with the hoses and the exchanger as it is. But you can drop the radiators and use a bottle for fill and expansion. I have a 2 thermostat design on my cr500... One to exchanger and a higher temp on to kick in one radiator for thin snow... Its unnecessary with ice scratchers.

I have a thread with visio drawings and all kinds of stuff in here from that build.
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