hcr skid geometry


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Dec 30, 2018
I'm just wondering if the skid geometry on a hcr is different than a mountain cat? reason I'm wondering is that I keep reading about cat walking and wheelie machines, with 135 lbs in my rear track shock, the limiter strap out, I need to stand on the back of the boards and pull hard to get any ski lift? 2012 hcr with a 2016 center shock relocated..


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Oct 30, 2008
Billings MT
The mountain cat didn't come out until 2017 and the entire rear skid geometry is different starting in 2016. From 2012-2015 the skid geometry is pretty much the same regardless if it is a HCR, SE, Limited, or Sno-Pro. The skid mounting locations changed a couple times. 2013 skid location should give you the lightest front end feel. Make sure you have an anti-stab kit if you want to try that. Lots of threads discussing skid location mods if you search for them.

What kind of pressure or spring preload are you running in the front track shock? Increasing the shock pressure has a big affect on how much ski lift you get. Also, if you only have a 2.25" track you don't have nearly the hook up of a 2.6" or 3" track that the newer sleds have.