Haulmark vs United gooseneck


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Oct 1, 2008
Iowa City, IA
So I am looking at ordering an 8.5x28 (20 on the floor) gooseneck. I am wanting to keep it at $20k or less, It pretty much narrows it down to the:
Haulmark Edge Gooseneck

United UXGN

I am unable to see anything in either manufacturer in person in a car hauler so I am shooting from the hip a bit. Anyone with any experience with either of these models? Seems United gets a little more love online but the closest dealer is in Denver. So any warranty work , if needed, might be a bit more of a challenge. Trailer is going to end up in Southern California 90% of the time so rust isn't a huge concern. But I definitely want over the road reliability as a few times a year we will be heading up into Tahoe or Utah. So average trip will be 400-500 miles each way.

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