Has anyone seen the new Evo from Polaris?

Sep 18, 2015
So maybe somebody out there can help me understand something. @indy440 posted the list of parts and it says that the upgraded CDI is part # 3090428. But when I look up the parts fiche for a standard 550 indy I get the part number as being 2415536 and it says that this part number replaced the old part number that was 3090428.

Does anybody know the difference and/or which one I should buy? Does anybody know what in the world this CDI is doing different than the original one? It looks like the original part number for the one that comes on the evo as standard is 4017697. I wonder what makes 4017697 different from 3090428 or even 2415536. Anybody got a clue?
I can only speak to my experience as an Arctic Cat/Suzuki/Beta dealer, but often times part numbers will supersede but stay as the same part. I'm willing to bet that that's the case here too.
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