Group Working Towards Eastern Backcountry Land Access

Jan 26, 2013
Well it's no secret that backcountry riders on the east coast face our own unique challenges when it comes to backcountry riding. We have limited terrain, often requiring long travel times in the truck for a day's riding. We also have a huge not in my back yard mentality from the land owners. For years it has been an individuals hunt to find land, and if confronted by a land owner try to make a positive impression and hope for the best.

Ethical Eastern Backcountry has been founded as a means to help secure land access and portray backcountry riding in a positive light. We believe in a "pack in-pack out" mentality and leave no tracks behind. As a first effort we are working to secure permission from a land owner in northern Vermont to access 2500 acres which consists of natural glades, logging cuts and sugarbush. It all lies in the 1800-3500' altitude and get lots of natural snow because of the surrounding mountain range.

We need your support to get noticed. All I'm asking is that you like us on facebook, ask your friends to like us on facebook and be an environmental steward while out in the backcountry so we can all continue to enjoy this part of the sport that we all love!

Ethical Eastern Backcountry
Dec 12, 2007
Great idea! I ride in Vt and prefer off trail over anything else that's for sure. I'm not on facebook but would like to stay in the loop is there a website or email address to stay informed and maybe even hook up with some riders. I also live in Mass but have a place in Vt . Thanks
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