Grease Telescoping (adjustable) Steering Post

Jan 3, 2008
Heard from a guy that you can grease the telescoping steering post so they don't stick and are easy to adjust to get the exact height. After I did this it moves up and down so much easier and I get the exact height I want. There are actually a lot of notches to set the height at but when it doesn't slide easy you would never know it. Step 1 take the handle bars off. Step two remove the snap ring at the top of the column. IMG_3681.JPG

Telescoping feature will now slide off the steering shaft, there might be a little bit of a burr holding it on just pull hard and it should come off. Step three put the telescoping mechanism on a bench and remove the bottom snap ring.


The locking mechanism for the telecscoping adjustment will now come apart. There are detent balls in there so you want to do this over a bench. Most likely the balls are stuck in place but one or two might fall out so be prepared. Just use grease to hold the balls in place during reassembly.


Now with it all apart you can grease the shaft up so it slides nice and easy. I also greased the telescoping mechanism where it slide and the lock ball also so it can slide easy.


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Nov 26, 2007
Just finished mine. Watch those balls. About lost one when I was cleaning it and dropped it. Heard it hit something that sounded like plywood and then it rolled a little. Cleaned my lower shelf off and nothing. Then started looking under that on the floor and to my disbeleif it was sitting on a scrap piece of vinyl.
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