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Nov 18, 2014
I’m looking for a tool that will help my wife and I keep tabs on each other, communicate, and navigate while in the backcountry.

Ive been looking into purchasing a couple Rino’s or inReach’s but there has to be something more convenient. Honestly, the maps and screen of a GPS leave much to be desired, and I don’t want to keep packing more things with me. I already use the Avenza PDF maps app on my iPhone for GPS purposes, which works great. I figure if I can add the communication and location sharing features of the Garmin, it’d be exactly what I need, all while using one device!

With some quick internet research I came across a couple options:

1) goTenna

2) Beartooth

The biggest difference appears to be that the Beartooth offers push-to-talk and charging capabilities. Downside = still in “kickstart” stage. The other big plus to both of these products is the price tag!

Does anyone have experience with these, or other suggestions?


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Dec 27, 2012
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Completely understand what you are trying to do. It can get real expensive.
My group uses baofeng radios and speaker mic's. For gps we use backcountry navigator. Very economical.
The fcc has changed the rules for frs/gmrs. Garmin bought a permit from the fcc to produce the rino line. Now, all manufacturers will be able to produce a radio with gps location info sharing ability.
I would like for this to be a very simple share. All that is needed is direction and distence to a contact. You can use a proper gps to "goto".
For economy reasons, I would keep it cheap and simple for this season, see what comes out in the next year.

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