Good Timing


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Dec 9, 2007
Laramie, wyo.
Was just about to shtcan the trip but then a buddy bought his flight ticket to Rhinelander so it was game on for the Derby in Eagle River. Told him if Im going that far east Im gonna go ride the UP.

He flew, I threw my sled in the back of my truck and headed out, 1st ER then on to Grand Marais MI. Timing couldn't have been better. Pulled into GM in a whiteout and a couple feet of fresh snow.

I knew havn a mtn sled back there was a bit risky but got lucky. While everybody was screaming down the trails at mach10 I was hittin every old logging road I came to.

Havn never been there in the wintertime and being by myself I was a bit cautious about how far I went. When I got back to town and filled up I only had a half gallon left in tank, little to close for comfort! AC gas gauges suck!

Was supposed to be a bucket list trip, but plans are already under way for a repeat. Had a great time, met great people. Too many names and too many beers but cheers to all!

Hope my timing is as good next year as it was this yr.


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Mar 5, 2011
When was the fresh 2 feet Saturday?

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