go pro mount

i know there are PLENTY of people with go pro's out there. i recently put a helmet side mount on my helmet. put it on in the hotel room and it sat there all night and than in the parking lot the next day when i was getting my riding gear on...it just fell off! thankfully it wasnt while i was riding so i didnt loose the camera but is there something i need to do to make sure the mount sticky pad cures properly????


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GoPro mount

Make sure the surface is cleaned not just wiped off. Once you stick the mount on find a way to put pressure on it overnight. And sometimes they just fall off no matter how perfect your prep was. We tie string to our backpacks and the other end to our GoPro's.


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Jan 2, 2011
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Prep the surface with some isopropyl alcohol, and then give it enough time to evaporate. I haven't had any issues with my mount coming unstuck. In fact, I hit a low hanging tree branch with my helmet mounted GoPro, and it snapped the plastic rather than causing the glue to come unstuck.
As mentioned, it's a good idea to use some sort of tether, which I now do. I had to go back with a metal detector and was fortunate enough to find my camera.
good idea on the tether, went and bought the new fancy one and i would kick my self if i got back to the truck and there was no more camera....

it was a brand new helmet so all i did was wipe it off, but this time i will make sure to get some alohol on it as well.

thanks guys!


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Jul 19, 2009
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1) Make sure that you are applying the sticky in room temperature, that insures that the sticky is as sticky as possible

2) Just like the guys said clean it as good as humanly possible and insure it dries completely

3) When applying it dont be afraid to work the mount into the helmet to insure a tight seal.

4) Always tether the camera to the helmet. 10 dollar tether to save a 300-600 set up.
I know this might seem obvious, but make sure you are not trying to stick a flat GoPro clip mount on a curved area. If you can rock that mount on your helmet, there isn't enough area that will be sticking to the helmet! I have never had a problem with them coming off. I had to take a mount off one of my helmets using a butter knife and it took me about ten minutes. That baby was on there.
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