Go pro mount on hood

The Fourth Wolf

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Jan 8, 2008
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You have a few options:

1) Stick a self-adhesive GoPro flat mount to a flat spot on your hood--make sure you clean all dirt and cleaner/wax residue off first. Then clip the camera in or for more height use a flex arm.

2) Go to your local RAM mount accessories dealer--most boating supply stores and GPS/Surveyor supply stores carry them. Buy a 1" ball handle-bar mount kit, a double ball clamp (long or short) and a 1" ball GoPro Adapter. Attach the handle bar mount to your front bumper with either the supplied U bolt or drill out your bumper and bolt on. Then attache the GoPro adapter ball to your camera, and lock the camera to the sled with the two-way clamp.


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Nov 26, 2007
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Just a tip, hood mounted footage is pretty much useless, as your hood vibrates pretty radically when you throttle. This creates a 'jello' effect in your video.

What I would suggest is getting an arm, and mounting to the front of your sled bumper. This tends not to vibrate as much. There's several options out there depending on how much you are willing to spend. I use a Manfrotto multifunction arm, which is professional grade thus very expensive. I tried out a RAM Mount based arm too, it was okay, but still had some decent vibration. The Manfrotto is pretty much my go to.
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