Go Pro Hero 3+ Attachable Lens


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Jul 19, 2009
Rigby, Idaho
So I just had a rider over at MotorFist put me in touch a local Idaho company that has been producing lenses for the GoPro. The name of the company is Snake River Prototyping.

This is their Polarized lens, I was having some issues with the light exposure on really bright days. It would wash out some of the images. The hope is that this is going to fix that. Has anyone used these yet?

When you get their kit online, it comes with the go pro 3 housing. Not the +. I thought it was interesting how this lens just pushes onto the front of the GoPro, no clips no clamps, it seals really right using an O-Ring. They say it seals tight enough to stay on during riding. I will have some video up shortly!

Any thoughts?
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