Go Pro Helmet mount - best attachment?

Oct 12, 2017
We fiddled around with helmet cam mounts last winter and never did get it working solidly enough to film the kids while riding, without the camera shifting and flopping around like a limp....see photos.

The challenge to me is keeping the camera in the least vulnerable location while still allowing good viewing angle with a solid location. This is easier on ski helmets as they usually have venting to thread a strap around. The typical moto helmet has less usable venting. I'm currently using the right side mouth guard but the strap allows the mount to shift after a while. I do not want to use the sticky mounts because the helmet surface is contoured on the side for venting (with screens underneath) and I want to avoid the sticky permanent tab when not using the camera.

I'm wondering if anyone has some insight into this, specifically...tips on where's the best location to mount a Go Pro on the helmet...right/left side of mouth guard, top, front and why...and more importantly, what attachments to use?



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Apr 22, 2010
Good 3M velcro with a tether other wise stay out of the trees .

Guess I should mention a camera other than the one mentioned works a lot better with velcro . having an appendage hanging out and off the helmet makes absolutely no sense .
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Mar 9, 2017
Lethbridge, AB
ive had my gopro3 mounted on the side of my helmet for 5+ years now, and have literally crashed 100 times with it. sliding my head off the ground and everything. all I ride is crazy tight, thick treed single track. never had a single problem with mine falling off or losing it. nose cased triples so hard my face smashed off the bar pad. camera flung pointed downwards but still stayed on. love it. I am aware of it though and have it in the back of my mind when going through thick bush.

also, side mount is where its at!!!!


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Dec 15, 2015
I find the clip on chin mount is bomber and never have to worry about branches ripping it off. The clip is strong and allows mounting in multiple locations. No obstructions from the side of your helmet.
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