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Genral maintance for GEN 2 sleds.

Jun 16, 2009
Marshfield, WI.
These sleds are getting older now and keeping them up is most inportant now more then ever . Post up genral prone problems and the fixes you know of . Some of the main things to stay on top of are changing oil in chain case yearly and clutch maint. grease all zerk points and rear skid. watch hifaxes . Carbs clean and working properly . check reeds and carb boots.
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Jul 3, 2001
This is maintenance for all sleds. Remove the skid frame and check all cross shafts for wear. Replace if needed. When you have them out you can clean out the tubes that they sit in because there is usually some old dried grease in there. Good time to check the wheel bearings for roughness. Check hyfax for wear. They are a lot easier to change with the skid out. Check exhaust springs to see if any are missing. Tighten exhaust manifold bolts for tightness. If oil is leaking from them replace the gaskets.


Scott Stiegler
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Nov 1, 1998
W Mont
Make sure you driveshaft and jackshaft bearings are still good...and lubed too.

Replace chain.

Crankshaft runout.

Steering post bent?

Ski skegs?


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Dec 22, 2008
Check compression if it blows on the mountain you might have to hike out. Look at your belt surprised no one said this. also look at your track found 3 screws in my paddles this year??? With racing moto check all bolts on the sled had my drive clutch bolt back out and screwed the whole clutch last year.
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May 9, 2008
lancaster, pa
check your coolant hoses for any cuts, scrapes, or wear spots, I found 2 bad wear spots last night on mine and need to replace the hose, see ya, ron
At the end of every season, I bust down my clutches, and remove springs so they are not under pre-loads all Summer, also drain Gas from the carbs, drop chain case oil, release tension on torsion springs, and prop up front end so shocks are not under pressure
check oil pump.

Another good way to check the oil pump and lines can be donw when checking the water pump belt. When the pull start housing is off you can check the pump while its still conected to the housing. First disconect all the oil lines from the motor. Then use an electric drill to spin the pump. while the pump is spining make sure each line is flowing fluid.

flying pig

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Jan 17, 2008
Wembley Alberta Canada

watch for tunnel warping and cracking near the chaincase. Also if you are running some hp watch the strap on the bulkhead on the chaincase side that runs under your motor for cracks. Also the front motor mount posts on the bulkhead will break off with hp.
is it normal to find metal like fuz on the chaincase dipstick magnet?whare is the drain located on my 2000 800 rmk,im a little new to owning my own sleds but im mechanically inclined to the non technical stuff,i was ridding groomers on rabbit ears yesterday and the temp indicator came on e
we were climbing fairly steep grade on groomer,but it went out after we started going back down then climbing out it went on again and started runnin like crap,for a ways our speed was 10 to 15 mph temp was around 25,i dove into some ungroomed snow and it ran fine in an instant,and the temp light went out is there things i can check to make sure things are ok,or is that normal for riddin groomers,any help would be appreciated.


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Jan 25, 2009
What happened was your sled got to the point where it was too hot and the ECU went into limp mode to protect the sled. Trail riding RMK's this situation can occur fairly regularly as the cooling is not good enough on groomed trails or hard pack. If your going to ride alot of trails you may want to look into adding a larger U cooler.

As for the metal shavings in the chain case its normal wear of the chain and gears to see some. Hence the reason why there is a magnet at the end of the oil dip stick. If there are TONS of shavings then you have a problem.
Jan 18, 2010
water pump bearings

Check your pull chord for wear and replace if need be. I also recommend removing the pull start assembly to access the water pump belt. Check over the belt for cracks and replace it if its more than a few years old or you see cracks developing. The belts are expensive but it's alot cheaper than toasting your motor due to overheating and/or losing the lubrication from your oil injection pump. When you have the water pump belt off of the sprockets, turn the water pump by hand and make sure the the bearings are tight and smooth rolling with little resistance. I recently had the bearings seize up on my first ride out this season. When the water pump sprocket stopped turning as the bearings seized, I toasted the belt when it jumped off the sprocket and got twisted up. Shortly after this all happened I overheated. I caught it very quickly so no motor damage but I got lucky. Most folks don't!!! Aside from that hit all your zirc fittings with grease and do a visual inspection for worn parts. I found a bunch of exhaust springs that had almost worn through the hooks which attach them. They get thin from vibration and corrosion and then start breaking off at inopportune times. Good luck.


Scott Stiegler
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Nov 1, 1998
W Mont
After this much time, get those shocks rebuilt, upgraded or replaced.

Keep your hifaxes fresh.

C S Fever

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Aug 30, 2009
Check the skid suspension, especially the front frame the cross shaft will wear and the tube will crack and in some cases be broken. Every Gen 2 I have owned I have either rebuilt or replaced that front mount frame (weak point in the design)!


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Nov 26, 2007
Soldotna Alaska
Just plain replace the bearing on the clutch end of the driveshaft! 2 Years is the longest I will run them even if you grease them. It is a real b!tch to try to get a sled out of the mtns when the tracks won't turn! Cheap to replace, and simple when in a nice warm shop and everthing is clean and dry.


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Sep 2, 2008
Washburn, ND
i had a 2000 800 rmk for a number of years. here are the things that i had happen to me.

-speedo driveshaft bearing toast
-leaking chaincase cover (get a new gasket)
-blew a belt (make sure when you do to make sure you didnt get any pieces wrapped around your crank, i did and it blew out my seal)
-you must reinforce your steering post or get a new one or you will bend it
-motor mounts busted
-boost bottle got a leak in it, a crack
-shocks, either get new ones or rebuild then, this is often neglected
-check bearings in your idler wheels
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