Gauge stopped working on 2014 m8 snopro

Dec 7, 2020
Alright little bit of back story, picked up a 2014 m8 snopro beginning of last summer. About midway through last riding season the voltage regulator goes out one day. Headlight tail light doesn’t work/ gauge stopped working, sled goes into limp mode, etc. Swap it out with one my buddy had and the issue is resolved. This summer I take my sled into the dealer to get some rails swapped out. When the sled comes back out the gauge isn’t working. What ever, everything else seemed fine so i didn’t press the issue. Later in the summer me and my buddy do the air sensor mod where you take some wire and re route the cold air sensor to the tip of the nose. Immediately after that I notice that my electric start doesn’t work. Also my taillight doesn’t illuminate when you hold down the break lever and my headlight don’t work although I can’t remember if I ever replaced them as I blew them last year so I can’t truly call that a symptom. At first I thought it was once again the voltage regulator but the only thing throwing me for a loop is that I took it out for a rip today and it ran fine, definetly not in limp mode like it was last year when It happened. I also tried swapping out a gauge with one my buddy had and that didn’t work but I had no confirmation that the one he gave me worked in the first place.

I think my course of action is too swap out one of the headlights and see if those blow. I have a multi meter I’m just not too familiar with where I need to be checking, so if anyone has any insight I would appreciate it.

Honestly I am about done with this fucking sled. It has been a constant battle of fixing issues only for new ones to pop up the week after. Is it gonna cause any issues to run my sled like how it is now? Nothing performance wise seemed to be off so I’m not all motivated to drop more money on this thing.

Pic so you don’t feel like you wasted your time 2BB32381-6172-46E1-A016-2E3D3D78999A.png 05C46C80-B4E9-4C67-8DF3-DF77EFE8580B.png 3521D47A-8C6A-4B76-96D9-ABFB745286D5.png


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Dec 13, 2007
how is this sled stored in between rides? just curious.
also, youre riding already!?!
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