FS: Motec M400 for Apex PnP harness complete


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Jan 1, 2009
I was going to run this on my SC sled that I was converting to a turbo but then I ended up buying a entire sled already a turbo and with the Boost it system. While the boost it is no where NEAR the level of this motec but it works fine for my needs and therefore I am willing to part ways with the best ECU set up you can have to run the Yammie 4 banger. This is one is fully optioned. If your not aware when you buy a motec new you get a base unit, to complete the package you need lots of little add ons and some are over $1000 each. So this was over $7500 new. I purchased the unit used and therefore everything is used 2 seasons. Its fully functional but I haven't tested to verify;that is what I was told and have no reason to doubt. The ONLY thing you need to make it work is the new GM 3 Bar MAP sensor. They are $75 located here:

I'll be honest I can't offer much support for the unit but Precision sports will, Martin there is awesome. Many maps are email-able and any custom work is like $75/hr. After that you can play with the software once he gives you a base map. This unit REPLACES the OEM ecu, it will run your handwarmers, gauge, etc. Best of all no wiring, all plug and play. Here is the list:





Knock sensor

Boost controller

traction control

NEW UTC to USB adapter

Almost new O2 sensor that has 1-2 hours of run time on it total

FPR with sensor to log in MoteC

Preloaded Apex map for 10:1 CR, 10-11psi boost, stock ignition coils, stock injectors.

The condition of the unit worth pointing out is the FPR gauge the screws inside have come loose and I tried to point at them in the pictures still works fine, lastly the unit itself is gold and has some dings and scratches on it from being installed and removed in the tight spot of the sled (Nose).

I bought this knowing it was the best and not totally understanding what all I had but was going to 'learn' more once it was installed, so most of what I stated has come from the previous owner; that said if I have mis-represented something or not included something that is not my intention so what you see is what you get. I can send high res shots so you can zoom in at request.

More info: http://www.precisionsports.ca/en/pr...ile-2006-2010-motec-m400-plug-in-kit-739.html

$4000 shipped in US

PM or email jskinger28@hotmail.com (that is also a paypal address and preferred way to pay but open to other options)


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