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Freedom Monosuit


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Sep 14, 2015
UP Michigan, Helena Mt
Last season I figured that I would try out the whole Monosuit trend that's going on and I didn't want to spend a grand to "try" something out. In my search I came across Castle's "Backcountry" line and their new Freedom Monosuit Shell, an uninsulated, waterproof suit with a three year warranty and for under $500. There is an insulated model available as well and for not much more.

Right out of the box I knew that I was not going to hate the suit, the Ven-Tex 2.0 shell felt very durable, the zippers are waterproof YKKs, and the lime/black/grey color combo looked killer. When I first tried it on I was nervous about how warm it would be, it almost feels like your not wearing anything. I was wrong, when paired with the proper laying, the Monosuit kept me at a perfect temperature all the time.

After riding all last season wearing the Monosuit and another name brand pant/jacket combo 50/50, I found myself more and more impressed with Castles product. I was never wet, wind was never an issue and in the warmest of conditions I just opened a few of the many vents and remained cool. I really can't say enough about the sub $500 Freedom Monosuit, I actually went ahead and picked up a Jacket/Pant combo from Castle for this year to see if it matches up.

My only complaints were your typical "Monosuit" issues: How do I go #2? What if I eat a burrito? I can't take just my coat off? ECT.

If you're in the market for a great Monosuit option that won't break the bank, I wouldn't look past the Castle Freedom Monosuit.
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