Fly Racing F2 Carbon MIPS Helmet (LARGE)


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Dec 10, 2012

2016 Fly Racing F2 Carbon MIPS Andrew Short Replica helmet

Size: Large

I wore this helmet for one SNOWMOBILE season. I did not wear this dirtbiking, meaning it has never seen mud, dirt or dust.

The ONLY reason I'm selling this helmet, I bought a new one, with a different paint job. This is an excellent helmet, and is equipped with MIPS. What is MIPS?

MIPS Technology:

What is MIPS?

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, which is a leading slip-plane technology inside the helmet designed to reduce rotational forces that can result from certain impacts

Why it's Important?

When a head rotates quickly and comes to a sudden stop, the rotational acceleration can cause the brain tissue to experience high levels of strain. The stretching of the tissue that can be caused by these motions can result in various types of brain injury. We believe that helmets equipped with MIPS technology can provide an additional measure of protection in certain impacts.

How it works:

MIPS uses a slip-plane system that moves inside the helmet, mimicking the brain's own protection system. This layer is designed to rotate inside the helmet with the intent to potentially slow or reduce the amount of energy transferred to or from the head. Science tells us that if we can reduce the strains associated with rotational acceleration, we might reduce the risk and severity of brain injury.

When not in use, I always stored my helmet inside the fleece bag, to preserve the fluorescent colors.

The helmet is in great condition. There is a small chip in the paint, and the visor has a crack in it, both happened when I dropped it in my garage. I can send you photos on request.

Retail: $400

Lowest price I've seen online: $300

My selling price: $150 OBO shipped


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