first timber sled 06 crf 450 R must does

donated my old bike to my dads want for a timber sled. got a 137 aro installed. i figure a starter for him will be a must but im looking for any and all info. that i can get.... what oil are you running? pre filter??? (heard they are fine without it but i question that ) is their a slick way to warm the oil after ya trailer up to the hills or is it no stress (i would bet he never wants to ride colder than 0) how does a manual clutch work out?? if it turns out he loves it ill prob.. find a newer fuel injected bike for a donor but for now i just want to get him on one and see if its his thang. he has road bikes his whole life and very intrigued by these.. cant lie i am to :D any info is appreciated thanks


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Apr 22, 2019
Thermostat to keep engine temps up, pre-filter to keep snow out of intake, change oil often...I change it every 2nd ride as it can get water in it.

Hope this helps.



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Jan 14, 2019
Bozeman, Montana
@sumtinwong this thread is pretty useful. You can take a look at several folks setups. Anything that is common across them is probably a good idea.

For oil run 5w-40, 0w-40, something like that. Ice buildup is going to be specific to your setup and environment. I've never had an issue with it building up on the clutch arm, and even with stock pegs I've never had anything set up that doesn't come off when kicked to fold. Others have though. I wouldn't do anything per-emptively there, just see if it's an issue first.
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