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Financial Expense Rescue Information

Sage Crusher

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Dec 30, 2010
Rock Springs,Wyoming
I recently was involved in a avalanche situation, ( a Rider in our group was buried) and had to be brought out by SAR, a helicopter, and then a ambulance.
The slide ended up being over 1/2 mile long and 200 yards vertical- It was a major slide, that could have easily taken out riders on the other ridge
Did some research and after many conversations with the IERCC, found a lot of information, after the fact for people that do not own a Garmin device.

I would like to pass on and share even though this was a snowmobile rider, the situation can arise with any situation needing any type of emergency response.
This has to do with Garmin, The International Emergency Response Coordination Center ( IERCC ). ( The first people you talk with once the SOS button is activated) and the local rescuing SAR.

I am the one that initiated the SOS call from my Garmin Device in this situation.

Many riders may not know this, but even though you may not own a Garmin device, and one is triggered on your behalf-or unable to trigger your own device, Rescue Insurance can be purchased for NON Garmin subscribers.
This has to be done prior to any situation. ( Can't get car insurance after you have had a accident )

I think the information below, I copied from my email inbox ( it would not let me send a as a attachment) will provide much more detailed information.
Wanted to pass this along, and can help answer any questions the group may have.

I hope that this will ease some of the expense burden, and maybe open a few eyes, for those that have not considered an after the fact expense.

I am in no way promoting anything for any Business-Association or Entities ...

Just a wake up call, that there is something out there to assist in any type of emergency response expenses, and in this case, was well over $100,000.00
If I remember correctly, annual cost for $100K coverage is $39.95 .

Thank you

Joe. ( Sage Crusher )

From Brittany Allemang- Senior Team Lead For the International Emergency Response Coordination Center ( IERCC ).

Hello Joe,

They aren’t required to have a device to purchase insurance, however, to be reimbursed for a rescue, a Garmin supported device needs to be activated on their behalf.

To purchase SAR coverage, please follow the following steps:

1. Go to Search and Rescue Insurance | Garmin
2. Login with your explore account login or create a new account.
3. Add the coverage to the checkout and adjust the quantity based on the number of people you are wanting coverage for.
4. Proceed with the payment process in which you will designate the insured individual (who is covered) and a beneficiary.

You can manage your SAR subscriptions from your Garmin.com account by logging in, selecting the human icon in the top right, then selecting the Account tab. Select the drop-down arrow next to the Profile listing in the middle of the page, then select Subscription & Service Plans.

Thank you for passing this information along at your next safety meeting. I am glad that you were able to speak with the Captain and hopefully they were able to provide more insight as well.

Have a great day,

Brittany Allemang
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Feb 26, 2023
That’s great information, thank you for sharing. I carry a Garmin Inreach Mini and I was unaware of that specific insurance. I’ve had air ambulance insurance for years, I do a lot of motorcycle stuff of all types, but coverage is only for the specific air ambulance companies within the membership.
I’ll look into it. I hope your friend is doing well.
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