Fault code p0426 and p0428

Nov 25, 2017
Im curious if anyone has any experience with these two EGT related codes. My 19 summit started throwing 0426 which is a bad EGT sensor. I could clean the sensor and that would clear the code for a few hours of riding. Once I installed the new sensor P0428 came up. 0428 is an open EGT circuit. I put my old sensor back in and it will also throw the 0428 code. Before replacing the $375.00 pipe sensor or driving 3 hours to dealership, does anyone have any ideas. Sled does have an a can but I get the same results when I put the stock can back on.
Nov 27, 2007
medicine hat
Been getting a code coming off of Boulder last few days, one check engine went on going up as well, by the time we get to truck or cabin it is gone, will they be saved in ecm, find it with can doo.. would think it’s a rave position code, since it runs fine at elevation all day

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