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Feb 18, 2014
If there are any skidoo employees looking for a new a market concept, how about this; Offer a summit expert or free ride in the 600. Put adjustable riser , adjustable ski stance, and adjustable shocks like on the free ride. There is no denying the progression of the new features why not make it available for young riders. There are probably plenty of 165 turbo guys that would love to jump on a 146 or 154 expert 600 on those not so deep days as well. I would love to add to the family fleet and my kids are about done with the 550 fans and want to ride with mom and dad on the deep days. Its hard to put them on the older sleds when you know how much easier it is to ride with the new features.
I know I'm not the first one to say this but thought i would put it out there again


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Feb 28, 2012
Duluth, MN
As a whole Ski-Doo seems to not think much about the younger riders with their current product offerings. I can understand not having all the little sleds competing with Cat, Polaris, and Yamaha, but they definitely should rethink that strategy. A tweener model as the OP suggests for the deep snow riders would make a lot of sense in my mind asking with going in a direction like Cat/Yamaha have with the 400cc models with offerings for the trail, crossover, and deep snow.

The sales and license numbers show that there is a renewed interest in snowmobiling right now with this whole COVID effect and Doo is going to miss future opportunities to create brand loyal riders by not adapting in my opinion. I really like the 600 ACE with the two keys to limit power for me riders/kids and would really like to see something even more adjustable done via Bluetooth across more engines.

I would love to be able to slide an electronic limiter on my phone while my kids learn and let them have full throttle as the comfort level increases. The technology is there, it just needs adoption.

(After trying to decide for a month or so what to move my daughter up to for next season after 2 great seasons on her 200, I decided to try a Yamaha Venom 400 for next season. I really would have liked to have had her on an ACE, but felt it was just too much sled.)
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