Fairview, UT Vintage Snowmobile Race - Feb 9, 2013


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Dec 17, 2003
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This is a vintage race for 1984 and older leaf spring, fan cooled snowmobiles. It is called a Snocross but will be more of a Lemans type course with lots of turns because nobody really wants to get too much air on a 30 year old leaf spring sled! It will be held above Fairview, Utah on February 9th, 2013
PRO-(Not Really!) Anyone 16 and older
POWDER PUFF- All Ladies 16 and older
YOUTH- Age 8-15 (If there are enough entries we will split this into an older and younger group)
Note: The same sled may be run in more than one class using the same race number, but two people may not run the same sled in the same class. For example- Someone could enter the Pro class and then their wife could run their sled in the Powder Puff
1- Open to any 1984 and older fan cooled, under 500cc snowmobile, with leaf spring front suspension.
2- Engine must remain completely stock from the carb to the exhaust box.
3- Track must be original or stock replacement. No deep lug tracks or traction aids allowed.
4- Stock steel skis must be used with steel wearbars(no carbides)loops must be padded(you can just use pipe insulation and duct tape)
5-Hood must remain on sled, windshield and headlight may be removed or modified.
6- Suspension must remain stock
7- Running boards may be modified or traction cleats added
8- Stock steering post and handlebars must be retained but may be modified or hooks added.
9- Any seat can be used,
10- Snow flap must be in place
11- Oil injection may be removed.
12- Tether is required so that it will kill your machine if you fall off.(They are cheap and easy to install)
13- If the rules don't state it can be changed then it must remain stock.
The purpose of the rules is to make sure everyone is competitive and racing is inexpensive and safe.
There will be a small entry fee just to cover insurance and trophies. Probably $20 per entrant. We will post the cost as soon as we get the exact insurance cost. You will also have the option to pre-register online and reserve a number. First come first served on number selection. Send in your email and we will put you on an emaill list with any new info.
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