F/S chassis body panels


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Nov 13, 2018
Nova scotia
Hello, bit of a long time lurker, finding most of my questions already answered, but one i havent been able to find besides someone's saying it possible but notying backing it up.
That if i was able to get a set of s chassis(or even zx) body panels that i would able to make them fit on my mod sled that im currently building, i love the looks of my f chassis. Just not the belly pan.

My sled currently sits with the rebuild 583, and a sc4 rear skid 136 with 1.75 lug camso track, ive found a couple of posts on lifting the front of my sled to correct the rear skid swap.

Long term goals for this is rev seat, lifted front end, shimmed steering shaft for a more forward riding position, 670 (possibly turbo ive been trying to find more information on the pto blocking plate and more on the watercarft seals used, just about everything else roughed out in my head) rail extension to a 144 and bending my own tunnel i have a 12 industrial metal brake, and then getting side boards/tunnel side plates so i dont bend my tunnel again.

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