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extending 2000 xcr 800 to 144"


New member
Jan 27, 2008
does anyone know if a 2 inch lug track will fit in this chassis or do I need to go to 8 tooth drivers? Will a 1 3/4 lug track fit without changing drivers? Also, does it have to be notched? Will an edge fuel tank fit so I can go to a different seat?
Jun 15, 2009
Marshfield, WI.
The 2" lug on 9 tooth drivers with out a drop and roll is a no go wont fit . I thought the xcr had the racer stile seat and tank like the edge tank but the seat from an egde is diffrent from a gen2 . Edge has a kick up in the tunnel .


Active member
May 26, 2008
Amenia ND
If Im not mistaken you have tunnel coolers on that sled, plus 9 tooth drivers. If u want to run a 2" track you are going to go down to 8 tooth drivers, and a possible notched track so the lugs dont hit the coolers... definitely doable thou...

Just did a long track conversion on a wedge style Polaris, but my coolers were under the running boards. not sure if yours are under the tunnel or under the running boards.

If they are under the running boards u can fit a 2" track with 8 tooth drivers, its super tight, but it works.

Hope this helps ya out, good luck!



New member
Jan 27, 2008
has anyone ran a 144 with extensions with the xtra 10 on an xcr 800. how was the ride?


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Lifetime Membership
Dec 4, 2007
Mandan, ND
i just did a similar mod, xtended my 99 xc 600 from a 121 to a 141. put a 2" paddle on there... had plenty of clearance for the front, but had to drop it down about 1" and back about 1/2" so i wouldnt have to notch the track. also went from 9 tooth drivers to 7tooth drivers...

i acutally bought a 136 rmk skid that was had the extensions welded on all ready for the 141. havent got to ride it yet so not sure on the handling..

hope it helps :beer;

i do have pics some where if u would like to see???
Oct 1, 2009
2" in 800 XCR

I had a 2000 XCR 800 that I put a 2" x 136" under. You do not have to change drivers. You can get away from notching the track by changing from the tunnel protector coolers to the flat under seat cooler used in the earlier 700 RMK's, Storms or Ultras. It just mean cutting out your tunnel under the seat and running the hoses under the seat. The stock seat already has the recess in it for the coolers and hoses.
Nov 26, 2007
Salt Lake City
2000 xcr

You can use the 2000-2001 RMK tank and seat combo if you eliminate the coolers that require hoses run under the tank and seat. Those machines used tube style coolers that ran down the outside of the running boards. They also had a rear cooler that was part of the tunnel extension. I do know some guys took that style of tank and seat and modified them for the 97 coolers that were recessed up in the tunnel under the seat. They used a heat gun and made a chase in the bottom of the tank for the hoses and cut out the bottom of the seat to clear the coolers.

You could also use the Edge rear cross over cooler. It rivets to the bottom of the tunnel extension but I don't know how you would run hoses to it. Like the 2000-2001 the edge uses running board coolers and hooks to the rear cooler.

Years ago on my 84 600, I built a rear cross over cooler. I used 1/2 rigid copper pipe tucked up in the radius corner of the tunnel to get the coolant to it. Cleared the track fine and actually acted as part of the cooler. Just a suggestion. It would be hidden and you could plumb them in where your current tunnel coolers attach. Then use the edge cooler at the very back of the extension.

As far as cooling capacity goes, I ran a XCR motor in a 01 RMK chassis that has a stock front cross over cooler, tube coolers down the running boards and the rear crossover cooler. It cooled fine, I did run scratchers anytime there was hard pack. Rode out west too so lots of powder.

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