Explanation of "Live Topic"


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Aug 18, 2009
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Many of you have already noticed that certain threads are being labeled as "Live Topic". Here's the official explanation:

A "Live Topic" is a thread that has received a post in the last 5 minutes. It means that if you choose to view that thread, you will be able to watch the new posts added to it in real time, without clicking anything.

In other words, if you open a "Live Topic" you can literally watch the thread grow without having to click refresh or go back to see if anyone has replied. It's more like participating in a conversation than a forum.

Once a thread has not received any new posts for 5 minutes, the "Live Topic" is shut down and it behaves like a normal thread again.



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Nov 1, 2008
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The little "TAG" that is attached to the thread title is a timer.

After so many minutes the thread simply looses the "LIVE TOPIC" tag if no one else has posted to it.
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