Exciter 570 Clutch Noise - MY 1988

Feb 18, 2019
Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum and just wondering if anyone would know what could be the problem with noise coming from the clutch area when I come off the power and transition to an idle. The sled is a 1988 Exciter 570. I just did a lot of work on the suspension and I would like tom use it before the snow goes...Cheers
Jan 23, 2008
Most of the time my clutches make noise is due to either dust or the rollers have some play. Take your belt off, take a long screwdriver and open your drive clutch. You need to take a bolt, socket or something to place into the clutch by the weights to hold the clutch open. Take a good look at your rollers and see if there is any play. If there is play, it will cause noises. Take some brake cleaner and clean things out really good. Good luck.
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