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eVent fabric

Nov 1, 2008
Sabin MN
Anyone ride with this new fabric? Suposed to be better than gore tex. Im getting new uninsulated pants this year and was gonna go with klim, but I can get these new polaris w/eVent for a little less money. I know everyone says klim is the fashizle but anyone use this new stuff yet?


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Dec 25, 2007
I rode the bibs all last season..so far I think they are better...seem to breath better and the material seems to be tougher...also seem to be more waterproof in the butt area..I noticed on a couple of our late spring rides when you are riding that super wet slop snow that my gortex bibs by the end of the day feel damp in the butt where the e-vents dont...long term I dont know yet but so far well worth the money...
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