Elevation and clutching.

Nov 12, 2018
So I know carbed sleds are impacted by big elevation changes, so that will effect the power output of the engine causing the need to set up a clutch for the area you ride the most. I don't know alot about clutching, just trying to figure out the possible clutching issues that could happen if I go ride Vancouver island ( 0-4000 feet). Both my sleds (2015 m8000 limited and 2019 alpha one) are fuel injected and set up for 6000-8000 feet. I ride the north Rockies in B.C. the most, I live in the Peace area. Do you guys think there will be a performance change at low elevations?
Oct 4, 2015
The motor will run fine due to the ECM adjusting fuel/air/timing for the altitude, but it will over-rev out of your power band due to the lighter (high altitude) clutch weights. A N/A motor will make less power at altitude due to the thinner air, thus the need for lighter clutch weights at higher altitudes. If it's only infrequently that you ride at lower altitude, I'd just live with it & ride easy. Your other option is to install adjustable clutch weights & tune them for your intended riding areas. Primary & Secondary spring rates play a role too, but this gets more into more advanced clutching magic that I leave up to the experienced gurus that will tune my sleds for me.
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