Early season in Newfoundland

Feb 9, 2014
I'll be in Corner Brook for work from mid November until late January.
Bringing my sled with me is a possibility. It's a 163 Summit.
I'm not really into trail riding and I'll be quite busy with work, but I'll take what I can get.
Are the conditions this time of the year rideable and would it be worthwhile to bring all my crap across the country?
Nov 29, 2008
Best riding west of the Rockies!!!! Not as high but lots of step & deep.
Last year was an early start but usually you can ride mid Dec on especially in the higher terrain. Beauty of the area is that you can ride just about anywhere and don't have to stay on the trails (excepting snowmobile corridors in Gros Morne Nat Park). You can rent machines but if you have the space its always nice to have your own.

BTW - for the site mod's - Ontario is not Eastern Canada!
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