Early 60s Evinrude skeeter

The guy who gave me mine said it was always the fasted sled on Jackson lake when he use to take it ice fishing. I will agree for it age it is fast. The only problem with ride it is all the neighbors complain about to noise and lose of T.V. reception when I would ride past.
Those old evinrudes are pretty cool. I picked up a rough but running 72 Norseman with the opposed twin when i was broke and had no sled in university back east and had a ton of fun with it. Ended up picking up a 2nd motor than had CDI ignition and a better carb and the true dual pipe/muffler set up and swapped all that in, cleaned up the clutches and replaced some bogey wheel bearings and that sled went pretty good. Track was made of 3 pieces of conveyer belt with metal bar cleats. Didn't have a trailer at the time so I would load it backwards in my suburban...
I used to trail ride it to the wing nights at the snowmobile club:D Everyone thought I was nuts (rightfully so).... the brake cable was broke so you had to stop by sticking your feet out which made for some interesting situations:rolleyes: Unfortunately it met its demise with an electrical box in a ditch...

I always located parts through guys in the snowmobile club, but there is alot more vintage enthusiasts back east in Ontario. Ebay used to be good but I think its kinda fallen off now...

Post some pics
really cool old sled ill post some pics soon
cant even begin to tell the good times on this old girl
I rode this thing until 1984 my parents figured if it started it was
good for another year
literally no parts or maintenance from 62 or 63 until the mid 80s
then it was my first official work project

my son who is now 21 got to drive it
I would love to get my 6yr old daughter on it

that would add another generation to the old girls
Oct 8, 2009

Hi, Ive got a couple of old johnson and evinrude parts sleds 1966 and 67 pm me with what you need.....My Dad bought our 66 Johnson new and i still have it....they are alot of fun..... Got a ticket on it last year took it to a poker run just to show. Cops caught me riding it and give me a ticket for no tags......
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