Doo factory tunes...


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Nov 2, 2008
Northern alberta
Only gonna get if your on the Skidoo race team for RIMSHAW.......

Not true, I have a P/N for it. Available through the RD through the dealer.
The whole race sled conversation kit is very pricy tho, not worth it just to get a tune that’s full race gas.
I am looking at the torque link kit.
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Nov 26, 2007
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You still have to be a signed up racer in the Race Dept to get access to the 486 part number
486 xxx xxx
its a package
5 gallon tank
summit seat kit
headlight delete
vent kit
engine calibration [only available with kit]
Rail reinforcement
pulley and suspension calibration kit
....not separating into parts, whole kit or no kit.

When you hook Buds up to the access port and think you're going to break into the program and reverse engineer it - all you will see is this very "happy face" :).
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