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Custom Mod Cat Chassis everything new and lightweight


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Nov 30, 2007
I have a new Cat chassis just built with the best and lightest of every thing.

New Tison tunnel-$600
1M bulkhead-$250
VE bumper-$100
New Cat side coolers-$200
New Cr u-cooler-$400
RMI drive-$3200
New Avid extravert Drivers-$400
Fox floats-$1000
New cutlers cro mo a-arms-$500
New Cr racing lightweight front end bushings-$350
New Cr racing cro mo steering hoop and footwell kit-$500
Lightweight steering center section-$100
New clear performance billet spindles-$650
New Cat skis-$500
New Cr racing gas Rack-$150
New Boss seat-$650
Lexan hood-$500
New fly cro mo bars-$125
New fly billet risers-$100
New cutlers billet brake lever-$40
New cutlers billet gas cap-$75
New cutlers billet resevoir cover-$25
New clear tank-$200
New belly pans-$250
New skid plate-$125
New belly pan potectors-$125
New 174x16x2.5 camoplast-$800
New billet 174 rails-$350
New holz rear coil over-$1500
New 4 billet skid wheels-$450
New cr skid drop brackets-$125
New front bumper-$100
New flowrites and bullseyes throughout-$150
New titanium bolts everywhere-$1500
New hood hinge-$50

Every piece is either powdercoated or polished,everything assembled with titanium and aluminum fasteners not one steel bolt in whole build. Over $1500 in just bolts on this sled. Complete 174 holz skid ready to ride weighed in at 46lbs. This thing as mentioned best and lightest of everything and powdercoated and polished every single piece on this sled. Hours of labour went into this thing nothing spared in this build everything new and ready for motor. $6000 for complete roller sound like alot for just a chassis but this thing will weigh just a tad over 400lbs with a tripple in it. I have pictures and weights of every single piece on this sled. So considering the rmi and titanium bolts are basically what I am asking for the roller it is pretty cheap. I have over $15,000 into the roller and thats not including any powder coating or polishing and labour to assemble. I also have a brand new complete never even taken out of boxes 1400psi tripple($15,000 worth) with Nx express also that am selling for sled if someone interested in everything. I would sell motor complete with complete roller for $12,000obo. Let me know if interested.