Curve XM Ski

Oct 8, 2009
I have not. In the mountain setting, Slydog 8" skis were a game changer for me because of the length increase behind the spindle to the back end of the ski, not necessarily the width. That change eliminated the tendency for the sled to bury the whole side of the sled with the ski tip up and back of the ski down. That result is a side effect of spindle design and bad ski choice whereby there is insufficient flotation behind the spindle. The result is that the ski tip is forced up, and the ski bites hard into powder or crusty snow, pulling the sled downward and onto its side. The new spindles are better than the old design, but they still have drag due to their size.

Lastly, I am not here to promote Slydog, rather I am just giving you the ski characteristic that had the most impact on my turbo viper since it has comparable nose weight to the winder. If curve offers that, you can derive benefit from it over factory in the back country.
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