Crossing the Border with Gas


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Jan 9, 2008
North of Duluth, MN
So we are looking into taking a trip for the first time up to Revy. We need to mix 100LL into our gas. We would like to bring the 100LL with us from home but are unsure of the rules when crossing into Cananda. Does anyone know the limitations when it comes to crossing the border? Or does anyone have any information on purchasing the 100LL in the area of Revy?

Thanks in advance for the input.


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Nov 26, 2007
Ham Lake / Lake of the Woods, MN
In the 10+ times I have crossed (multiple boarder crossing locations from MN to Washington State) not once have they ever even looked into our trailer or back of truck. We have always had cans of fuel with us full when crossing into Canada. And they have never asked about fuel either.

- They ask about how many sleds you have and if you are bringing them home.
- They ask about your line of work.
- They ask where you are headed and length of your trip.
- I had one ask if we had tire chains with us.
- They sometimes ask about alcohol.

This is all we have ever been asked when crossing with a deck or sled trailer.
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