Crooked Creek's March Special!

:gossip: In an effort to help out all our fellow snowmobilers in the "snow-less" tundra of the midwest - you know who you are....MN, WI, IA, ND, SD, MI, IL, we are offering a March 2012 special! Rates as low as $35/night/person are available, depending on group size, length of stay, accommodation requirements. Call to have one of our staff members personalize your group's lodging package....1-888-238-2647.

And you don't have to just be from one of those states....these DRASTICALLY REDUCED lodging rates apply to everyone! Hope to hear from you these Unprecedented Rates, cabins and rooms are bound to go quickly. :spy: Tell all your friends and neighbors, get the gang together and come out to Western Wyoming and enjoy the snow this season. Don't let the winter of 2012 pass you by!!!

Crooked Creek Guest Ranch
Dubois, WY
:welcome: Don't forget, we have 2012 Ski-Doo 600 & 800 Etec for rent!!! Perfect for your mountain riding experience.
Feb 26, 2012
Snow left in March?

I guess I didn't realize the ave temps are in the 40's for the ccr and lineshack area in March. The last several days and according to the forecast, the next several are sunny and warm. The Lineshack-CCR cam shows 40 and 50 degrees lately. How possible is it there will be no riding in 2 weeks?
We just received 8" of fresh powder overnight. Perfect riding conditions! You really need to be careful as to the source of the forecasts you are monitoring. We use the NOAA web-site, selecting Dubois, WY and then moving the area selection box on the map to a more mountianous region near the resort. That way, we get a more accurate forecast for the riding areas, and not just of town.

Additionally, although our day-time temperatures have been more moderate than some winters, we are still very much in winter-mode. Nighttime temps are well below freezing, too. Thermometers on the webcams are extra sensitive to sunlight, too, and usually register a bit higher than the actual air temperature truly is.

There will be no problem finding snow in two weeks; typically, March riding is the best of the season. You will be happy that you make the trip out here. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Sno-Katers Radar Run tomorrow

Be sure to stop by Crooked Creek tomorrow and check out the Sno-katers Radar Run being held in the meadow in front of our place. Concessions and prizes available, along with lots of excitement & fun!

The forecast calls for sunshine and a beautiful day today and tomorrow, with snow to follow after that. :face-icon-small-coo Sure makes for great riding!
Spring-like Conditions at Crooked Creek

The last couple days have been warm in the area, so some snow has begun to melt/set here at the resort. Still VERY RIDEABLE conditions, so don't worry. Winter isn't done with us yet, of that, I am sure! In fact, we have several days of snow in the forecast for the mountains this week.....just not sure how much we'll receive. We'll keep you posted.

Please take a look at our Facebook site for some very recent pictures of Sunday's riding. I wish I could figure out an easier way to upload the pictures here....hopefully soon! :face-icon-small-ton In the meantime, keep an eye on our webcam and our Facebook posts for updated information.

Thanks, and hope to see you soon!

Cindy :clap2:
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