Crooked Creek Guest Ranch 2012 Conditions

Come check out what Crooked Creek Guest Ranch on the Continental Divide Trail just out of Dubois, WY has to offer this season. Snow is finally coming....received 6" overnight, with more on the way the next couple days! A good 2 - 3' base is at the lodge, with more at higher elevations.Ride-able conditions directly from the cabins makes having to load/unload your sleds daily a thing of the past. 24 hour fuel available now, too! :face-icon-small-coo

Great individual cabins for lodging, a fantastic restaurant and bar for all your food and beverage needs, new 2012 SkiDoo sleds for rent with guide services make this an all-around and complete facility. View the web-cam from or call 888-238-2647 for conditions, rates and availability. Call soon before we're all booked up!!!
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Jan 16, 2009
How deep is the powder and how much base underneath? Is it fun and safe to ride yet? Don't want to wreck stuff. Deep enough to be a challenge and get stuck? Hoping to head that way next week!:face-icon-small-hap

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I was up top (9,000ft+) yesterday and there is plenty of snow to get stuck in the valleys. The wind had blown most of the snow off the peaks unfortunately. We had 2-3' of base before we got the new snow. It has been snowing for the past two days and we are supposed to get another 12" by tomorrow afternoon. You might still have to be careful in some areas but, I'm the guide at Crooked Creek and I would be glad to take you out.


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Jan 16, 2009
Thanks for the info. We are gonna talk it over with our group and decide what we want to do and where we are gonna go. Sounds like you do have better snow then some other places
Groomer Report

According to one of the groomers of the CD trail, the 2 - 3' of snow that fell this past week on top of the snow base that was already there, was heavier and more solid than the original base. Makes for a better base now, with less worry about rocks and trees jumping out to get you. Keep in mind, however, that the strong winds have blown some areas free of snow on the tops, but have left that snow in the basins and valleys on the down-wind side.

Care should still be taken if not familiar with where you are riding, but fair to good riding is very accessible now. Guides aren't necessary, but they are available to show you where some great, safe places are to play.

Everyone who's been out on the CD trail and Union Pass area have had a great time. Snow might not be what is was last year, but it's not bad considering that there isn't any snow anywhere in the nation at this moment! That in itself might make a trip to Crooked Creek worthwhile! :face-icon-small-coo


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Nov 1, 2011
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Our group stopped in at the bar last year after our last day of riding. Had a blast. Raised some hell. One of our group blew up his sled and rented one from Crooked creek, good service.


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Dec 12, 2007
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union pass

Keep up with the snow condition updates, much appreciated, good to see someone out of the three lodges up there care enough to let people know whats going on. Good for business (imho) Great place to ride.
Mar 2, 2011
How recent are these pics? i'm coming out with mike from snow trails tv next week, my first time out west. i know snow is not the greatest but i'm hoping you got a few more secret spots that hav'nt been tracked up up your sleeve to take us too! :)
Recent pictures of Crooked Creek

Recent pics were taken January 7th or very recent. Also, the forecast for next week calls for snow every day starting Sunday evening/Monday morning. Cross your fingers that it holds out!!! :face-icon-small-win

Thanks for coming with Mike...I'm hopeful he'll get some great video and can capture the essence of riding in the West for FoxSportsNews! We are excited to host your entire group. See you soon.

January 10th snow

We received 2 - 3" of snow at Crooked Creek's lodge (8400') with about 6 - 8" in areas at higher elevations overnight Monday/Tuesday. Not as much as we had hoped for, but still a nice layer to cover some tracks out on the trails and in open areas.

Long-range forecast shows snow every day next week, starting Sunday Jan 15th. Cross your fingers that it'll pan out!! We'll keep you posted.....:face-icon-small-coo


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Oct 3, 2008
Stayed at Lava Mtn and Tog lodge , where is Crooked Creek Lodge, Tog service sucks
Crooked Creek Guest Ranch is located approximately 6 miles West of Dubois on Hwy 26, turn onto Union Pass Road (by the old DuNoir gas station and Albright gravel pit) and head up the mountain for about 6 miles. You will go by the Sawmill restaurant (which is now closed) and pass by the Line Shack. Once past that, turn right by the meadow and follow the road (it curves a couple times left and then right) all the way back to Fir Rd. Our entrance is straight ahead.

We are about 35 miles by road to the SE of Togwotee (50 miles on the CD trail by snow machine) and our turn off is between Lava Mtn and Dubois on Hwy 26. If you go to our web-site at and click on the Activities page, you'll see a link to the CD trail map pdf. Click on that and you'll have a visual of where we are in relationship to Towgotee.

We would certainly like the opportunity to make your stay in the Wind River Range an enjoyable one. Check us out and give us a call when you are interested in making reservations. If the forecast I've been watching today pans out, it looks like we'll have some fresh snow - and lots of it - by next week. After that, I'm sure we'll fill up fast, so don't wait....we don't want you to be disappointed!!

Snow Forecast!!!!

It appears that the Snow Dance may have done some good. Check out the latest Accuweather forecast for the Dubois area -

With snow likely above 7000' most of next week and all of the following, we should be blessed with some excellent riding conditions soon.

Keep checking in and we'll update daily totals as it begins......


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Dec 18, 2009
Spring valley minnesota
Hi Cindy

We did end up coming down to your lodge thinking it was tuesday last week ...Bought a belt and had lunch ...Asked if you was there and I was told you were back in Minnesota ....Maybe next time ......Trails was awesome all the way down to the lodge with only a few spots that was bare

:high5: Snow all day yesterday, more overnight and 100% chance of snow for the next several days is making up for the previous couple weeks. Estimate 8 - 12" at the Lodge so far....more at higher elevations. Now is the time to be heading West.

Will update with actual amounts and trail conditions as information becomes available. As always, avy conditions will be present, so caution in riding will be required. Take care.

Call now to book your reservation before we fill up....888-238-2647.
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