Council Mountain Area


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Jan 18, 2018
Weiser, ID
Went yesterday up out of Council. I unloaded at the Mill Creek area and headed up 186. Trails were good. It took a while to get up to where there weren't very many tracks on the trails. Those UTVs provide some awesome ruts in the trails. Not quite enough snow to go off-trail too much. There was about 18" off trail at higher elevations.

Looking to go up out of McCall next week. Anyone know how the snow is up that way? May go to Sumpter, OR instead. They're getting pretty good snow.

I didn't take any pictures out of Council. It wasn't quite worth stopping and taking pictures.

On a side note, I bent my new rear bumper unloading the sled. Didn't see the shed door open and backed up right into it.:face-icon-small-sho
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