corona virus


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May 2, 2013
This should be on all storefronts



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Apr 22, 2010
Restaurants as of today are no longer allowed to have indoor eating here , the mayor is calling it a 4 week reset .

McDucks though is a different story even though they claim a loss , the multiple drive threw are full and also the parking lot of customers eating in their vehicles . Lets just make our surrounding environment a little more unhealthy .

Speaking of which , when do I get my refund for paying a penalty for refusing to pay for the mandated Oboma Care Act ? They are no longer accessing a penalty but where's my refund ?

I pay my bills so why did I get fined when someone else gets it free ? bunny trail , sorry :)

This is how bizzare things are getting with the brain washing and hand outs . Democrats side with two sides of the population , the rich and the poor , gotta have the minions to support the rich . That leaves the middle class to the Republicans , one hell of a fight ain't it , seriously out numbered .
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