Jul 30, 2021
Hey everyone, I'm in the market for a sled 2013-17. Purpose for my question is I'm new and don't have a well rounded advice pool around me. My pool says buy a Polaris you'll never regret the decision..... well Artic Cat speaks to me I like them. Why? Ihave no idea, I have No solid reason why. Please hammer out reasons Polaris is king, why artic cat is better than skidoo and so on. I will be riding in Washington State mountain country, PNW. What kind of riding??? Great question, groomed, hill climbs and some trees. Thanks in advance


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Dec 12, 2007
Donnelly, ID
If you are new you won't really be able to tell a difference other than obvious setup stuff. Get what will be reliable and let you have fun. If you buy a 3000 mile 2013 Pro RMK you will be soured on the experience. Seen it a few times, guy thinks he got a good deal, then has to cough up $4000 for an engine for a sled that is worth $3000 within the first hundred miles. And I am not just bashing Poo, I wouldn't ever want to have a high mileage Doo, the repair costs on a Doo are ridiculous, for everything. I hate the Cat chassis, but if I were to buy a 13-17 sled and want reliability, it would be Cat. Tater's 16 600 has been reliable as heck for 3 years, 3000 miles. When I actually rode it for a while last year when we switched sleds, I felt bad. The handling was horrid. Shock setup, it was a pre-production magazine shoot sled. But guess what? It didn't matter, he had a blast every time he rode it, it made him a better rider, and we never towed him out. If he would have had to spend the night, or have a horrible tow, it would have spoiled the sport for him as a new rider. Rant over, need a beer. :)
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