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By Matthew Mallory
“Give it gas until you see God and then hit the brakes“-Cowboy Jim

The Voos brothers do a great job of putting together an entertaining sled flick. Theyepitomize the word amateur, that is not to mean that the movie is amateur but they embody the spirit of someone who is doing something for the love of it, amateur in the sense that they are not getting paid to put this film out and still have real jobs like everyone else to finance their sled addiction and filming excursions.

Clutch has a wicked mixture of backcountry/mountain riding, freeriding at it’s best, tech tree strewn lines, nice airs and some sweet *** pow schralping. Road tripping to Revy, a solid soundtrack, behind the scenes footy and an interesting and funny character who goes by the moniker Cowboy Jim, cover the kids ears and prepare to laugh as he rambles away!

Strong riding, solid filming, good quality, hell the sharpness and colours are better then some of the stuff that came out from the big dawgs this year make Clutched a fun watch, pick yourself up a copy if you want to see something a little different to fire up the stoke this winter.

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