Changing oil back to Ctech


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Nov 27, 2007
Bought a low mileage Alpha that has SynJex in which is supposedly close to the Ctech 2 oil. I’m switching it back to Ctech. My question for everyone is can you mix the two oils in the reservoir, or do I need to drain all of the old oil out? Had the same issue last year on a 2018 Mtn Cat but ended up draining all the old due to the fact the chaincase needed to be replaced then took to the dealer and had them bleed the oil system


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Dec 27, 2008
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take equal amount of each oil and put them in a platic cup and mix. If it turns in to gel then don't mix.
I would drain the tank ( you can just unbolt the oil pump) drain all you can. then fill it and start the sled and run it until you move all the old oil out of the lines

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Nov 26, 2007
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Get an mityvac fluid extractor. They come with a small diameter tube attachment to get through the cat oil tank if you snake it through. Then just fill with new. Mixing with modern sled oils with some residual and a lot of new wont hurt anything. I switched to 4 different oils on my buddies 15 m8000 during its 3600mi before it was sold (cat apv, redline, poo gold, ctec). Stock motor and pistons never failed and sold with good compression. And I never extracted oil out of it, just mixed with different oil when we got the light flashing for a few miles while riding. Pretty impressive since he keeps up with me and I blow a motor every 1000mi on average, including ctecs and 16+ axys motors on the same oem ctec 2 or gold oil on both sleds
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Dec 15, 2007
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It good to hear how good the 2015 engines are. I was wondering the same thing. My 2015 M8000 is damn near impossible to pull the rope on when it's close to zero. I read that CTEC2 oil made sleds easier to pull over. So, I got a Cobra synthetic rope and CTEC2 oil. My tank is nearly full of Blue Marble. I guess I will have to check how they act together in a cup over time.
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