Carb Help - 79 JD trailfire.


New member
Nov 13, 2008
Picked up a 79 John Deere Trailfire 440 about a month ago and have been having nothing but problems with it.

I bought it off a guy that seemed fairly knowledgeable and had done some work to it. (Just a home made kind of pipe and a UNI pod) I took it out for a ride and pulled the plugs to find them WHITE. Like snow white...NOT Healthy, which was weird because the carb has a 250 in it when it came stock with a 230. I since put a 300 in it but I can't get it to run whatsoever now. (that was the only thing I changed and it was not plugged) What should the carb screws be set at just as a starting point? Never have I had so much trouble with such a simple machine. :face-icon-small-con:face-icon-small-sad

Thanks- Rob
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