Cannot get phazer oil filter off

I have changed oil on hundreds of cars, atv, etc, but cannot get this damn thing off, I tried wrenches straps, rope, screwdriver, you name it. I'm looking at from front is it a twist clock wise or counter clock wise. This thing WILL NOT COME OFF! I appreciate you insight in advanced.


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Nov 26, 2007
Honolulu, Hawaii
At this point maybe a hacksaw or a chisel. Just be patient and be careful not to damage the threads or the surface that the filter seals against. Never heard off a filter getting that suck before.

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Dec 3, 2007
Be sure and take a picture...don't think I have ever seen one get destroyed like that. Anyhow it is normal threads so counter clockwise to loosen it. If it is just the base, can you flex it a little away from the motor to break the rubber seal loose? What about spraying wd40 or penatrating lube around the seal. Unless someone cross threaded the threads there is not much else that could hold it. Good luck.
Well still no luck, I'm trying one more thing tonight, if she won't come off, I'm dropping it off at the dealer. Pulling front half of frame off and making a final attempt, I was going to do this change as a courtesy for the buyer, and now I can't even get rid of it! Can't wait for a RMK. This shall be the back up!
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