Canada East in Ont ???

Dec 5, 2011
I live in Nova Scotia and at least 1200 miles further east. I miss the old format for individual provinces. Much easier to check snow conditions, right now there is no snow in NS, really Sukes.:canada:

off trail mike

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May 31, 2011
New Brunswick, Canada

Yeah, the old provincial format was better. I'm in Bathurst, and have a webcam at our plant that is exactly 34km west of bathurst. Not good. It looks like rain right now. We had some snow before it but not very much.

Absolutely sucks. Worst start to a season I can remember. If we finally get some snow, I'll post conditions with pics so you know what happening up here. Otherwise check out Nepisiquit or Chaleur for current conditions, but right now. CLOSED ):

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