Camoplast Challenger Extreme 155 1-ply 9104M


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Dec 19, 2001
Lolo, Montana
Camoplast Challenger Extreme 155x2.5 2.86 pitch 1-ply 9104M SOLD


Camoplast Challenger Extreme 155 x 15 x 2.5 2.86 pitch fully clipped and center-punched for Polaris, fits IQ IQ Raw / Dragon / Pro / Axys with stock 2.86 pitch drivers, also fits Skidoos with same pitch. 9104M 1 ply. Almost brand new. $500 plus the ride. Very low miles!! Was on my 2015 Pro for a couple hundred miles. Looks brand new, no damage whatsoever. Was swapping tracks and suspensions around between sleds and I am running an identical 9104M 155" track on my 2015 Pro, and I am going to go 163 on my 2013 Stage 3 Pro...

WAY more durable than the stock Axys and Pro-ride tracks, but still does well in the powder without folding over in spring snow conditions.

Pictures added. As you can see track looks like new. Corners are not even rounded on the paddle edges.


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