Buying short block “w/ shot” ... What else needed to add SHOT start?

Jan 10, 2021
Blew up my 2017 850 (no shot start).
Instead of rebuilding, I decided it’s a better route to just order a short block because of all the unknowns.
Anyways- I can order a “no shot short block”, or a “short block w/ shot”....
Question is- if I order the one with shot, what else is needed besides the obvious button/wiring to add it to my sled?

Also another question- I’m looking at ordering the updated 2019 short block. To my understanding it’s the same design & bolts right in. Can someone confirm?



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Oct 6, 2018
Interior, AK
I had a 2017 summit. Tried poking my dealer for parts to do a retrofit but by the time you totaled up the parts, wiring harness, ECU, etc it wasn't worth it. If I recall there are parts that can't be purchased outright so you'd need to find them from totaled sleds and hope they're still usable.

This was the closest I found, but still requires most of the e-start components

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