Building a snow bike, any California rules to be aware of?

Apr 7, 2020
Hi All. First post. Long time motocross guy and am considering building a snowbike this summer up here in Lake Tahoe. I'm on the California side, does anyone know of any rules I should be aware of given CA loves regulating OHVs? I'm considering getting a kit for my CRF450X to see how I like it and then maybe move up from there. Thanks!
Jan 18, 2018
Make sure you have a registration sticker on your bike. So far, that is it for California. No special over snow permit or anything.

I'm sure there are guys riding that are closer (I'm not in Tahoe, I'm up in Redding) but I've been into Auburn Powersports and there were guys in there that seemed pretty actively riding in the tahoe area. Might be a good resource.

Mar 31, 2020
Just title It like a dirtbike and you will be fine. My registration is the same style sticker across all of my off road toys. Dirtbike, go cart, snowmobile, quad etc. I ride Tahoe and hope valley alot. It would be great to see the final product one day!
Apr 18, 2016
The boys at Carson Motorsports do Yeti's and a bunch of guys at that shop including the owner ride snowbikes and a lot of guys ride stuff out of that shop, they are right at the base of hwy 50 and 395. Out of Reno they sell Timbersleds at Reno Cycles and gear...not sure they are there on knowledge but they are great for parts. Just Do it, plenty of riding around Tahoe both sides in CA and NV. We just register them as OHV and never get hassled. I think CA/NV both just want a little chunck of money and they are happy....they do hassle if you don't have the snopark pass in a snopark, you will definitely get a ticket.
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