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Jul 19, 2012
Hoping to get some feedback from fellow sledders. We are starting to plan our annual trip. We drive out from Maine for a week of riding each winter, typically the last week of January. We have recently done Tog and West Yellowstone. Looking to try out Colorado this year as it saves a whole bunch of drive time for us. I'd appreciate any feedback on the Buena Vista area. We had initially thought of going a bit farther north for say Rabbit Ears area but it sounds like that gets far more visitors. Maybe I'm wrong?

We are looking to do a bit of everything. Some in our group are experienced and want to play in the trees all day while others are still learning and prefer playing around in meadows with short spurts of pushing skills.

Any highly recommended lodging? Food/Bev?
Looks like we would clutch for 10k+?
Best place for fuel?
Trailheads have plenty of space for 24-30' trailers?

I'll take any and all input. Thanks

Stay safe


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Mar 18, 2011
Centennial, CO
Fellow Mainer here, been in Colorado since '97. I used to ride Cottonwood Pass area mostly, but its worth driving to to Rabbit Ears. There are a lot of people in the lot, but you can ride all day without seeing anyone. There is a lot of area to ride and the snow is just better almost always.

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Nov 26, 2007
Not CO, but the Snowy Range by Laramie WY has all types of riding, is probably closer, and though the parking lots have a bad reputation for being crowded it really isnt bad And probably isnt that way during the week.
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